About Us

3genPlanning Advisors, LLC is a financial services firm founded by veteran Advisors and Leaders in the Insurance and Investment Industries.

At Planning Advisors, our mission is to provide sound advice to help you plan for Your Life and Your Legacy. Having a plan makes a difference when your loved ones are facing one of the most difficult times they may ever experience. They will know they have done the right thing because you have already made the decisions and made sure it was not a burden on them financially or emotionally.

What we’ve found, when advising our clients during these difficult times, is that it’s not just about the money you may have accumulated over your lifetime. It is also about the plan you have put in place to make sure they don’t have to guess or even worse argue about what you may have wanted done.

If it is important to you that you are remembered in the way you want to be remembered and take the burden off of your loved ones, Planning Advisors will guide you through the steps necessary for you to leave behind the legacy you’ve always wanted.